• Rooftop Deck

    Step out onto the rooftop deck, drink in the nearly 360-degree view of the Omaha skyline and you suddenly understand why our tenants consider this specific place to be the social core of The Bank. With grills, lounge chairs, tables, an outdoor movie projector, and an MP3 docking station to spin your favorite party mix, you have all the tools necessary for throwing the perfect shin-dig in order to meet your new neighbors – especially the hottie down the hall.

  • Fitness Center

    Finding the time to exercise and stay in shape can be tough – especially if you’re a full-time student or a working professional. But at The Bank, you are never more than a flight of stairs or elevator ride away, so you can work out on your own terms and on your own schedule. Whether you’re an early riser or a notorious night owl, you will have open access to free weights, ellipticals, treadmills and Yoga mats – all the bells and whistles needed to keep your body in top-notch shape.

  • Parking Garage

    If you’ve ever lived downtown you know how difficult it can be to find decent parking, and if it’s the weekend you might as well just cab it because there won’t be an open spot for miles. But at The Bank, you have access to a parking garage that’s exactly 328-steps from the front entrance which means your days of feeding meters, collecting parking tickets, and aimlessly circling random blocks with the hope of catching an empty stall are over. For those who go for greener transportation, we have bike parking conveniently located in the building.

  • Recycling Program

    We think Mother Earth is a pretty cool lady and someone who needs protecting, which is why we offer both trash and recycling chutes on every floor. So while you’re taking the time to be a good steward of the Earth by separating out the recyclables from the rest of your trash, see if you can convince your neighbors to do the same and together we can all make a little bit of a difference.

  • Free Browsing WI/FI

    At The Bank, we provide you free browsing WI/FI access throughout the building. So go ahead and surf away, flatfoot, surf away!

  • Community Room

    No matter how much you enjoy your roommate’s company, there’s going to come a moment when you need to sneak away for a little You-time. At The Bank, our spacious community room is the perfect hideout offering flat-screen TVs, giant sofas, a full-service kitchen, and sensational views of the Omaha skyline. It’s where you can go watch Monday Night Football while your roommate is in the midst of an epic C.o.D marathon, invite your study group over and cram for finals or just stretch-out on the sofa and unwind with a cocktail and your favorite e-reader. Better yet, if you plan on hosting a get-together and need more space than your apartment allows, you can always reserve the community room – just be sure to give us a heads-up 24 hours in advance.