Building History

The Bank is housed in the historic Farm Credit Building — which is actually two identical structures that were built over the course of eleven years. The east Half, which fronts 19th Street, was built first in 1923 and was originally called the Bankers Reserve Life Company Building. The West Half, which fronts Douglas Street, was completed in 1934 after President Franklin Roosevelt established the Farm Credit Administration to help stem the high-rate of foreclosures that had devastated family farms during the Great Depression. President Roosevelt made Omaha a regional headquarters and the Bankers Reserve Life Company Building was aptly renamed the Farm Credit Building.

The Era

The 1930s weren’t just about the Depression — speakeasies, flappers, Art-Deco, Dick Tracy, the Cotton Club, and jazz music consumed the popular culture of the time. But nothing captivated the public’s imagination like the dapper, suit-and-tie bank robbers that ravaged the Midwest with their cunning crime sprees. With names like Dillinger, Baby Face, Machine Gun, Pretty Boy and Capone, these fugitive celebrities were labeled ‘outlaws’ by the FBI and ‘heroes’ by the general public.

The Architecture

Stroll through the Farm Credit Building and you’ll see colors, shapes, and ornamental details that draw heavily from the Art-Deco movement that rose to popularity in the 1930s. From the grand ceiling in the front entryway, to the one-of-a-kind art pieces hanging on the wall, to the formal elevator landings accentuated by elegant marble flooring, each floor possesses a vibe and personality that reflects the eclectic design-style of the era and provides tenants with a truly original living environment.

The Vibe

Inspired by the Depression-era bank robbers that comprised the infamous Public Enemies list, The Bank can be identified by its provocative contradictions: it’s dapper yet incorrigible; prudent yet audacious; demure yet sexy; and austere yet outlandish. It’s the sort of place where tenants can use iPads mounted on the walls of the elevator landings to communicate with building management or update their Facebook status, unwind on the multi-level rooftop deck and take in the views of the Omaha skyline or host their own private Oscar Party in the Community Room. In other words, The Bank is a respectable kind of joint with one hell of an itchy trigger finger.

Your Fingerprint

The Bank is more than just a collection of apartments — it’s a thriving, intriguing community of people who are not only looking to establish their own unique sense of place but also use it to further enhance their own self-expression. But don’t take our word on it — see for yourself.